Bakung Beach Cottages

Bakung Beach Cottages is in Tuban Kuta Bali. Bakung has 90  Resort rooms, many with private balcony, and a huge pool area. Renovated in 2013.


Bakung Beach Cottages Presents to you Information on Kuta Bali.

  • Beach offerings. In the mornings you regularly see Balinese people throwing offerings into the sea, especially when Nyepi is approaching. The best spot is the temple right next to the beach about 200-250m to the north of the Hard Rock Hotel.


  • Hard Rock Hotel is something of a tourist attraction and is definitely worth a look and the odd photo.

Hard Rock Hotel is about a 10 Minute Walk from the Bakungs Beach Cottage. RESERVATIONS

[edit][add listing]Do

[edit]Yoga and Meditation

Kuta is more of a party and surf town then a place for yoga and meditation. No classes are available near the budget areas of the Poppies lanes, from there the nearest places are at about 45m walking distance towards Seminyak and you will need some form of transportation if you want to attend regular classes.

  • Prana Spa Excellent Sivananda and Vinyasa drop in classes, they provide mats and water. Bring a towel as it will get sweaty. No changing room as this is mainly a Spa, but you can use their restroom to get changed. Classes are daily at 7.30am, 9am, and 5.30pm. 120000 IDR per class [2]


  • Seminyak Yoga Shala Ashtanga and Hatha held at the studio of an Australian yoga clothing shop. 120000 IDR per class [3]


  • Anand Krishna Center Kuta
    Anand Krishna Centre Kuta
    [4] is a centre for holistic Health and Meditation in Kuta. Offers several courses in yoga and meditation like Stress Management class and Neo Kundalini Yoga class. Equipped with spacious meditation hall, full air conditioning and experience facilitators. Located in Jl. Pura Mertasari No. 27, sunset road area, Kuta. +62 361 8947239, email:


  • Secret Garden of Divine Mother
    Secret Garden of The Divine Mother in Kuta - Bali, perhaps the smallest public garden in the world, is dedicated to a great task: that of Healing Mother Earth and All Her Children. The Secret Garden is expected to help us access our Secret Selves - the Sacred within each of us. Humankind and the Universe are interconnected. In essence we are all one. We firmly believed that global warming caused by climate change and other threats presently faced by humanity must only be responded compassionately. The Feminine within each of us must rise to save the Earth. Let us work together to realize our common dream of "One Earth One Sky One Humankind". Visit to this Garden is not a casual visit. It is a cleansing and beautifying experience for the Soul. The Garden open all day, but prior appointment is recommended. Located on Jalan Pura Mertasari No. 45, Sunset road area, Kuta, Bali. +62 361 - 8947239.


Kuta is a well known destination amongst surfing enthusiasts. A long sandy beach with a lack of dangerous rocks or coral, makes the area attractive for beginners.

  • Bali learn to surf [6] is Bali's first professional surf school and they have an office at the Hard Rock Hotel, as well as a beach presence. Offers equipment in good condition and premises for a surfing introduction in calm water at the swimming-pool of the Hard Rock Hotel. An introductory lesson costs US$45, lasts 2.5 hours and students are offered hotel transfers and fresh water. A 3-day course costs US$120, and five day courses include a "surfari" to other surfing spots for US$200.


  • Some of the surf dudes in the shops also offer private lessons. They are considerably cheaper than the surf schools but just as good. Many of the dudes have been working for the schools or do it on the side. You cant find them on the web so you should look around. One good one is the "Sion Surf Shop" on Poppies I, around 400 m from the beach.


  • There are several surf shops on Poppies II which all seem to be much of a muchness. Friendly local surfer dudes will happily chat wth you about the waves, offer to fix a ding, rent you a board and sell you just about anything surf-related.


  • Be careful when you rent on a beach, some boards are in such a poor condition that you are very lucky if you don't break it. And that is what some guys who operate the rental business are looking for. If you break it, then they may demand that you pay for it. So choose only the boards that appear to be in good condition, otherwise you may get ripped off.


  • It is also possible to rent equipment from locals on the beach for between Rp 20,000-80,000 per half day, however prices asked are often closer to Rp 40,000-100,000 for one hour. If you rent from the same guys for a few consecutive days you will almost certainly get a better price. The equipment quality is lower than of the formal outlets. The surfers on the beach can also give you some basic lessons, and look after your stuff while you are in the water. If this is your first experience of surfing it is safer to use a surf school or private lessons before heading out on your own.


  • If you want to rent for a few days, rather use, [7]. Their price is Rp 100,000/day, the boards are usually in very good condition and the local guy who handles the business is really a good guy.




There are Spas by the dozen, and as Kuta is the most competitive place in Bali, prices are the lowest (as is the quality of experience). Shop around and ask for package discounts. Take a look at the place first and do not allow yourself be talked into something by touts. A well known spa is Villa de Daun on Jalan Legian. Many hotels have their own in-house spas or partner with a local operator. Reborn and Cozy are two excellent spas on the outskirts of Kuta, on Sunset Road just before the roundabout. The price is around rp120k for 2-hours, but have "happy hour" specials.

Carla Spa, Poppies ||, [9]. [SCRIPT_ion>very g] rp50000/1hour.  edit

Beware of the women offering massages on the beach. They are seasoned at ripping off tourists: be sure you have agreed to a price and a duration, or you'll find yourself with a 10 minute massage.

Be very aware of any extras offered to you as these will be at a much higher rate. People have been lured in for a cheap massage for Rp 50,000 only to be hit with an extra Rp 200,000 when they're done. The girl may suggest doing your nails which takes all of an extra 10 minutes but will charge Rp 100,000 for fingers and another Rp 100,000 for toes.

New spa and salon was open recently on Jalan Kediri in front of Aston Tuban hotel in Kuta. Gay friendly place Coco Garden Spa. Good choice of treatments and booking for in call and out call available.




Many people wish to had their wedding in Bali and below are some of wedding organizer you could find in Bali.


Enjoy the sunset. In the evenings plenty of people head down to the beach or seaside cafes to watch the wonderful sunset. Be in place by about 5:30PM, for a sunset between 6:15 and 6:45. The area in front of McDonalds and the Hard Rock Cafe can be a bit hectic with touts selling spearguns, henna tattoos and massages. Going north, the hassle drops exponentially, with the Legian/Padma Beach area being a wonderfully relaxing place to watch sunset.

  • Paradiso Bowling Centre,Jl Kartika Plaza No8X,+62 361 7588806PM-11PM daily
  • Rp 27,000 per game.
  •   edit


  • Waterbom Park, Jl Kartika Plaza (opposite Discovery Shopping Mall),  +62 361 755676, [12]. 9AM-6PM daily. [SCRIPT_ion>This i] Adults US$31, under-12s US$19, good value 2-day passes (valid within a one-week period) available.  edit


  • Mega Dive Bali, Jl Elang No 5, Tuban,  +623 361 754165, [13]. [SCRIPT_ion>A PADI]  edit



  • Yoga is very popular and courses are always on offer.
  • Some hotels offer courses to learn Bahasa Indonesia.


[edit][add listing]Buy

  • There are lots of popular surfwear/sportswear stores inlcuding Volcom, Rip Curl, Rusty, Surfer Girl Billabong and Quiksilver. These well known brands can be purchased in Kuta at prices 30% to 50% lower than you will pay at home. Your best bet is to wander the length of Jalan Legian between bemo corner and Jalan Melsati where you will find an almost unbelievable number of outlets.


  • Kuta Square is a popular shopping area at the north end of Jl Kartika Plaza. There are a host of small shops on both sides of the street, and a big Matahari department store, with a cheap and utterly wacky collection of T-shirts on the 3rd floor.


  • Be aware that if you buy things from hawkers on the beach, you will attract dozens more and they will do their best to make you feel guilty for not buying from them. Be prepared for offers at "good luck prices" or "morning/sunset prices". The trick is to not look them in the eye and respond to their offers with a firm "no thank you", but to always stay polite!



  • Balinesia Tattoo [15] on Poppies Lane 2. You’ll find plenty of local free parking. The studio has a relaxed atmosphere with staff both friendly and helpful. Experienced artists.


  • Bali is particular renowned for its manufacturing, tailoring of leather and exotic skins. '2NDSKIN - Leather By Design', Jl Petitenget Seminyak 61, ☎ +62 361 212 0899,http://www.2ndskinonline.comOPEN:9AM-8PM. Tailored and prêt-à-porter men’s and women’s Jackets, handbags, travel bags, shoes, wallets, belts and a variety of fashion accessories using leather and exotic skins. 'Anika Tailor'is well reviewed online and located just south of Discovery Mall, Jl.Kartika Plaza, Gg.Melati No.7, ☎ +62 361 754 580,
  • Beachwalk Bali, Jalan Pantai Kuta (0.5 km after Hard Rock Hotel Bali),  +62 361 8464 888, [16]. 24-hours. [SCRIPT_ion>Former]  edit


  • somewhere, JL Legian 33 (South of skygarden same side of the street). [SCRIPT_ion>Cool t]  edit


[edit]Shopping malls

Large, western-style shopping malls are hardly a typical Bali shopping experience, but the best ones on the island are in the Kuta area.

  • Bali Mall Galleria is on Jl Bypass Ngurah Rai right beside the huge Simpang Siur roundabout. Galleria is home to number of well known brand stores, a food court, Planet Hollywood and the best cinema in Bali (tel:+62 361 767021). There is a large duty free shopping centre [17] here which is aimed primarily at Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese tourists. You buy your luxury items tax free which are collected upon departure at the airport.


  • Carrefour Plaza is on Jl Sunset, just north west of the Simpang Siur roundabout. As well as being anchored by an enormous Carrefour supermarket on the top floor, this is home to an excellent Periplus bookshop, numerous small designer stores and the best authorised Apple Mac retailer in Bali.


  • Discovery Shopping Mall (Centro) is located across from Waterbom Park on Jl Kartika Plaza in Tuban. A big western-style mall with plenty of international brand stores on the ground and sub-ground levels, including Guess, Marks and Spencers, Sogo and Top Shop. The second level is occupied fully by the Centro department store, and there are many cafes and a large electronics retailer on the 3rd level. The waterfront cafes on the ground level have excellent ocean views.



[edit][add listing]Eat


Great balls of fire
Bakso ("BAH-soh", meatball) soup is cheap and tasty any time of the day. Vendors wander the streets with their steaming wooden food carts and are easily located by the 'tink-tink-tink' sound of a spoon hitting a soup bowl. The soup is a small-ish bowl of MSG-laden meaty broth with some thick yellow egg noodle, meatballs and the optional extras of fried wanton, fried tofu, hard-boiled egg and some vegetables. Add some mild chili sauce and sweet soy for a bit more flavor.


You can find any manner of international and local food here. Restaurants are usually either very cheap or in the mid-range. Exclusive restaurants are rare but there are some gems here. For true luxury dining head 15 minutes up the road to Seminyak.


Beach-stall food is delicious, filling and very cheap. These are dotted along Kuta and Legian beach beneath the trees or road-side awnings.

  • Amino Coffee, Poppies 2 (a short walk from JL Legian). [SCRIPT_ion>Best C]  edit


  • Bamboo Corner, Poppies I (Opposite Circle K, near the middle). [SCRIPT_ion>Large ]  edit


  • Hamburger Lady, Kuta Beach (on the side of the tourist police station). [SCRIPT_ion>As foo] About Rp 20,000.  edit


  • Kedai Nasi Uduk, Kuta Galleria, Jl Patih Jelantik,  +62 361 769192. [SCRIPT_ion>Small ] Rp 15,000-20,000.  edit


  • Kedin's Cafe, Poppies Lane I (in front of Kedin's Inn),  +62 361 756771. [SCRIPT_ion>Good, ] Rp10,000-20,000.  edit


  • Mie88, Jl Patih Jelantik 1 (opposite the western end of Kuta Galleria). [SCRIPT_ion>Indone]  edit


  • Nusa Indah, Poppies Lane I (About halfway along Poppies I, opposite Masa Inn). [SCRIPT_ion>Good, ]  edit


  • Tree House Cafe, Poppies Lane I,  +62 361 756771. [SCRIPT_ion>A busy] Rp 40,000.  edit


  • Warung Indonesia, (Between Poppies I and II). [SCRIPT_ion>Popula]Rp 1,000-2,000 per choice, eat very well for Rp 10,000-15,000.  edit




  • Cafe Romano, 141 Jl Legian (10 meters south of the Junction of Jl benesari, Jl patimura and Jl legian),  +6282145329692(). 9AM-12PM. [SCRIPT_ion>Tradit] edit


  • Blue Fin, Jl Kartika Plaza,  +62 361 764100, [19]. [SCRIPT_ion>Good q]  edit


  • Havana Club Bali, Poppies I (150m down from Jl Legian). [SCRIPT_ion>Restau]  edit


  • Made's Warung, Jl Pantai Kuta (Near the intersection with Jl Legian), [20]. [SCRIPT_ion>This i]  edit


  • Mojo's Flying Burritos. [SCRIPT_ion>Mexica]  edit


  • Kafe Batan Waru, Jl Kartika Plaza (Right by the entrance to Discovery Shopping Mall),  + 62 361 766303 (), [21].[SCRIPT_ion>Batan ]  edit


  • Ketupat, Jl Legian 109,  +62 361 754209 (), [22]. [SCRIPT_ion>A trul]real Indonesian food in a truly fabulous environment.  edit


  • Kuta Plaza Restaurant, Jl Bakungsari 9 (At the Jl Raya Kuta end of Jl Singosari),  +62 361 751833. [SCRIPT_ion>Very p]  edit



  • Maccaroni Club, Jl Legian 52 (almost opposite the bomb memorial),  +62 361 754662 (), [23]. [SCRIPT_ion>Restau]  edit


  • Ma Joly, Jl Wana Segara, Tuban (At Kupu Kupu Barong Resort),  +62 361 753780, [24]. [SCRIPT_ion>Alfres]  edit


[edit][add listing]Drink

Kuta is the low end party centre of Bali. It has recovered well from the bomb blasts in 2002 & 2005 and tourists still flock to the bars where alcohol is served freely and excessively. Many of the bars here have a house cocktail with a local Arak (rice spirit) base. These go by charming names like Jam Jar and Fish Bowl, pack a huge punch and make customers very ill!

Visiting Sky Garden, however, is not recommended. While it is a popular clubbing spot, it is very common for foreigners to be forcibly escorted from the premises without reason. The staff isn't particularly helpful when this occurs, and it is far too frequent for foreigners to be separated from their friends without explanation. Keep away if possible.

[edit]Jalan Legian bars

Jalan Legian between Poppies Gang I & II is the main party area and things tend to get going around midnight and go until 3-4AM. The biggest venues are:

  • The Bounty,Jl Legian(100 metres south from Mbargo),+62 361 75 4040.[SCRIPT_ion>Looks ] edit


  • Eikon, Jl Legian 178,  +62 361 750701, [25]. [SCRIPT_ion>Lounge]  edit


  • The Engine Room, Jl Legian (opposite the Bounty),  +62 361 75 5121. [SCRIPT_ion>Small ]  edit


  • Mbargo, Jl Legian (adjacent to the bomb memorial). [SCRIPT_ion>Large ]  edit


  • Vi Ai Pi, Jl Legian (opposite corner of Poppies II), [26]. [SCRIPT_ion>Lounge]  edit


  • 61 Legian, Jl Legian (opposite corner of Poppies II), [27]. until 3am. [SCRIPT_ion>Big mo]  edit


  • Apache Reggae Bar, Jl Legian (a little south from the corner of Poppies II). until 3am. [SCRIPT_ion>Live m]  edit


[edit]Poppies Lane II bars

Closer to the hotels and eateries and having a more laid back sort of atmosphere, Poppies Lane II is where many of the younger crowd go to start their night off before hitting the dancefloors at the clubs on Jalan Legian. Gets busy from 9pm until midnight. The more popular places are:

  • Alleycats, Poppies II (80 metres west from legian st, behind twice bar). 9.30AM-midnight. [SCRIPT_ion>The bu]  edit


  • Bagus Pub,Poppies II(20 metres west from Jl Legian).9AM-midnight.[SCRIPT_ion>Favour] edit


  • The Steps,Poppies II(50 metres west from Jl Legian).busy from 10PM-1AM.
  •   edit


  • Twice Bar, Poppies II (80 metres west from Jl Legian). 9am-late. [SCRIPT_ion>A dark]  edit



  • Piggys Bar, Poppies II (80 metres west from Jl Legian). 24 hours. [SCRIPT_ion>A smal]  edit


[edit]Kuta waterfront bars

Along the waterfront on Jalan Pantai Kuta there are some slightly more sophisticated bar and lounge options. Most are lounges that offer food and entertainment afterwards. Definitely an option to explore and not so overrun by the Australian party groups.

  • Kama Sutra, Jl Pantai Kuta. [SCRIPT_ion>Cavern]  edit

[edit]Sports bars

  • All Stars Surf Cafe, Jl Kartika Plaza No 8X. [SCRIPT_ion>If non]  edit


  • Stadium Sports Cafe, Complex Kuta Side Walk, Jl Kartika Plaza,  +62 361 763100. 10AM to 1AM daily. [SCRIPT_ion>Long s]  ed


he safety advice given here applies more in Kuta than anywhere else in Bali. Take heed, have fun, but be sensible.

  • Swimming safety is extremely important in Kuta. It is prohibited to swim near the  special flags, that are placed where currents are especially strong. Always swim between the red and yellow flags, where the lifeguards have deemed it safest. Do not swim out too far as the waves and currents here are stronger than you might expect and change very rapidly. The sea water in Kuta can be filthy and you should be aware of this potential problem and try not to swim in the obviously polluted areas.


  • Lifeguard Station (Bala Penyelamat Wisata Tirta), JI Pantai Kuta, tel: +62 361 755660


  • Watch your belongings at the beach, better yet do not bring your valuables to the beach if you intend to swim or surf.


  • Touts and scammers will constantly look for their chance. Be wary of deals. If its sounds too good to be true then it probably is. When walking alone (especially down Jl Pantai Kuta and Jl Legian) you will be hassled by touts offering transport on motorbikes. Generally this is harmless and can be used as a means of getting around, although the shear volume of touts offering transport can be an annoyance. Remember to stay calm and don't be pressured into buying anything you don't want.


  • At night, drunk driving & big potholes in the streets are a problem, so be very aware of road safety after dark.


  • Drugs should be avoided in Kuta (and all of Indonesia). Punishments for possession are harsh and there have been a number of arrests of tourists over the years. Beware of unsavoury touts offering drugs (often after initially offering transport). These "dealers" are often working with the police in order to get small payouts for arrests. Say "no" and walk away.


  • Pickpockets have been known to be a problem recently ouside bars, specifically on Jalan Legian (Sky Garden, et al). One common method used against drunk tourists leaving bars and clubs is for a large group of boys and teenagers to block the sidewalk. As the target attempts to squeeze through, the thieves attempt to reach into their pockets and/or bags and take whatever they can get. Be very aware of this.


  • Foreign Currency Scams are fairly common, especially down the Poppy roads. Make sure you count out the rupiah yourself before you leave the shop (even if they count it out in front of you) and you also calculate how much you are owed yourself. Some of the shop owners will make you count out the rupiah, and then with a sleight of hand will remove one of the large piles of cash. Double check you have the right amount of money as you leave the shop.


  • Mobile recharge scam: recharge shops can ask for Rp 10.000 extra if the sim card was bought in the other city;



Free Wi-Fi for customers has become very widespread in cafes, restaurants, hotels in Kuta - look for the signs.

You can easily buy a prepaid mobile SIM card at a local sundry shop for about Rp 25,000, which will come in handy when making hotel reservations or booking tours. They are also available at Circle-K and other convenience chains, but will cost more for the same deal. Get the seller to activate the SIM card for you unless you understand instructions in Bahasa Indonesia fairly well. There should be no need to top up the card, as text messaging and short local calls will cost you next to nothing. If required, top up plans are competitive and sold at the same type of outlets. The same places sell prepaid data packages if you want Internet on your phone, tablet or laptop, when you are not near a free Wi-Fi hotspot. The speed is generally good around the larger towns and it is fairly easy to set up.

There is a post office in a small lane off Poppies I which is also home to several 'wartels' (phone shops) which provide public IDD and fax facilities.

  • Bali Cyber Cafe, 9 Kompleks Sriwijaya, Jl Patih Jelantik,  +62 361 761326, [61]. About 08:00-22:00. [SCRIPT_ion>Effici]  edit


[edit]Go next

  • Kuta is a major transport hub and is well connected to the rest of island via a bemo and shuttle bus network. Check the myriad of advertising boards on Poppies I, Poppies II and Jalan Legian for details.
  • Legian and Seminyak are both within walking distance from Kuta.
  • A car journey to the cultural heart of Bali in Ubud will take about 45 min.
  • The Gili Islands can be reached in two and a half hours. 1 hr by car then 1.5 hr by fast boat from Padang Bai.
  • Tanah Lot can be reached in 45 minutes by taxi for as low as Rp 100,000 if you're good at haggling. Be mindful however, once at Tanah Lot there are few options of transportation to anywhere else. You may have to pay full price for a taxi or motorbike to your next destination.
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5 of 5 starsReviewed 5 July 2013

We stayed overnight at Bakung Beach Cottages, as we arrived late at night, the lady in reception very pleasant and welcoming.

Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia
5 of 5 starsReviewed 3 July 2013 

I stayed at Bakung Beach Hotel in November 2011, the bar and restaurant is excellent, excellent pool. For the money these rooms cost you can't complain. It's what you'd expect for the money,

5 of 5 starsReviewed 24 June 2013 via mobile 

I stayed at Bakung Beach Cottages for the second time in June . I was really happy to see they are renovating the hotel and things have changed a little .

5 of 5 starsReviewed 23 April 2013 

Bakung Beach is nice.

We had a fabulous stay, the best location, close to the beach. Great Restaurant across the road called Samudra, fantastic meals and priced well. The rooms were all that you could want.

5 of 5 starsReviewed 25 November 2009 

Bakung Beach Hotel is Great! Good air con, clean rooms serviced daily, ample power points and friendly staff. Simple but adequate breakfast in the resturant overlooking the spacious swimming pool.

5 of 5 starsReviewed 22 September 2009 

I was expecting the worse, being as cheap as this hotel was, we normaly stay at more expencive hotels, but this trip we were staying a month, so needed cheaper. I have to admid i LOVE Bakung Beach Cottages.

4 of 5 starsReviewed 29 June 2013 

Bakung Beach is not 5 star but fantastic hotel for families. Quieter end of kuta, great value, friendly staff and well kept pool for kids. The rooms that are not renovated are clean and the air conditioning works great.

4 of 5 starsReviewed 4 August 2012 

Recently stayed here and found the hotel, staff and location very nice and suitable. Loved walking down the lane and through Pantai Restaurant to the beach

4 of 5 starsReviewed 26 May 2013 

Had stayed at Bakung Beach Hotel for the last 10 years have just arrived to find that all the rooms have been updated with free wifi which works fantastic little bit of noise from the new shopping centre next door being built but for $30 a night one of the best places to stay in Tuban.